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24 sete S.A. is your company’s management specialized partner

We strive towards increasing your trust when it comes to decision making.

We strive towards increasing your company’s profit margin.

Established in 2007, 24|7 is born out of the merger of several projects. The latter are focused on the provision of specialised technical services to companies, economical and financial groups, Public Admin and private individuals.


24|7 services include: accounting, tax, HR management plus several more which may not be mandatory but are useful to the management of the company and to the investment.


24|7’s second pillar is its international focal point on cross-border service provision, foreign and national investment support, helping exporting companies and supporting internationalization. We work in Portuguese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, etc.

Clients search for 24|7 to:
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High Responsibility

Due to the fact that we provide services of high responsibility, complexity and volatility in their regulation, our activity is organized in order to supply a specialized and personalized service, exclusive to selected Clients.

Financial Centre of Lisbon

24|7 is located right on the financial centre of Lisbon, in the Saldanha area. 24|7 owns a team of experienced accountants who are accessible and trained to add value to our Client’s activity through the rigorous fulltime fulfilment of the missions entrusted and through the provision of information adapted to each Client’s needs.

Nationally and Internationally

24|7 stands strong both nationally and internationally due to the quality and value it holds in its services, of which: Financial and analytical accounting, Consulting (tax and non-tax), Tax, Audits, Management support, Organization and RH Admin Management, Research, Strategy and Company development.

Irreplaceable support to decision making

We are aware of the importance of accounting to our Clients as an irreplaceable support to decision making. We want our Clients to feel confident regarding the rigor of our economical analysis instruments and we support our Clients in decision making, budgeting their commercial strategies and regarding investment. We accompany our Clients in the initiative and entrepreneurialism, essential factors in the market. Assuring the rational control over associated risks and optimizing tax benefits.


Custom partnership is, to us, the way to be close to our Clients. At 24|7 we only have long and mutually profitable relationships. We see your success as our finish line and the essential condition to our own success.

Together we will evaluate your needs.

Harmoniously creating custom tailored solutions.

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