Mission, Vision Values and Social Corporate Responsability


24|7’s mission is to be a synonym for Value.

To be a national and international reference.

To be a guaranty for efficacy and efficiency.


In order to assure its mission, 24|7 invests in excellence regarding its service provision in the areas of: Accounting, Management, Audit and Tax. All of these based on the highest rigor criteria.


This way, we are betting daily on the development of our technical expertise and on the specialization of our teams. Thus we strive to support our Clients in decision making, planning and achieving (short, medium and long term) goals.


24|7 takes upon itself the goal to search for new, national and international, Clients who wish to settle in national territory in order to develop their activity, thus working as a platform for internationalization.


24|7 works daily towards becoming a, national and international, well known company by its performance.


Closeness to the client and a deep knowledge in each Client’s business area, along with experience, technical knowledge, hard work and specialized teams, focused on each case, are our Vision, Mission and Strategy to achieve our goals: to provide an excellent service, adding value, optimizing cost-benefit in each service provided.


We believe that technical skills, experience, but also innovation, are the core characteristics in order to set ourselves apart in a positive way. Thus we aim for:

Closeness with the Client

Extensive knowledge in each Client’s business areas

Experience, updated technical knowledge, work with specialized teams


Any company’s assertion of values is fundamental to its success and subsequently its Client’s success. This way, our values are established by the following principles:

Rigor, integrity, transparency and honesty in the execution of our activities

Listen and respect our Clients’ and staffs’ opinions

Encourage team work


At the day and age of globalized business, 24|7 is socially responsible in the business world.

Beyond fulfilling obligations, 24|7 ensures the success and sustainability of your business.

Beyond numbers, we offer services with the highest ethical standards and social concerns.

A well managed company is a social responsible one.

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