Admin Services of HR

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The admin services connected to HR are a necessary component and ever-present in companies’ life whether they have 1 employee or one thousand. They are quite morose and complex processes but mostly time consuming and error prone.


24|7’s services are designed to simplify these procedures regarding HR and admin management.


At 24|7 you will take advantage of the additional benefit of having certified accounting professionals dealing with these resources. 24|7 offers a vast solution for your admin and HR service needs, namely:


  • Social Security employee Framing
  • Payroll processing and respective receipts
  • Compensation forms for Social Security
  • Monthly compensation forms- DMR for Border Authorities
  • Income form – Model 10 – Art. 119 CIRS
  • Income form – Model 13 – Art. 119 CIRS (Non residents)
  • Associates’ income form
  • Production of Single Report (Relatório Único)

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