Due Diligence

Working knowledge of corporate life

24|7’s history and technical skill and practical knowledge of companies’ everyday life, are deepened daily by our professionals. This allows us to provide a thorough, safe, impartial, ethical and confidential due diligence service.

This research and audit process is intended to identify companies’ accounting and juridical assets and liabilities. Allowing a greater comfort and safety when it comes to decision making regarding investments or divestment. On the other hand, 24|7’s due diligence service is designed to support our clients during negotiation whether in the buyer side or the investors’ or even stock holders in the supervision of their companies and investments.


Clients search 24|7, concerning this service, namely:

 Companies’ restructurings   Acquisition, Merger or demerger of companies

Due diligence highly demanded services are:

  • Procedural revision Diagnosis
  • Internal and External Control Diagnosis
  • Reconstitution and Evaluation Diagnosis

At the end of each due diligence process a report is presented, indicating the general panorama of the object under analysis, measuring the values and identifying contingencies.

In this field of action. 24|7 is commited to transmit credible support information regarding transactions.

We work towards increasing your business’ margin.

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