Financial Management

Ensure the operational stability and resource profitability

Financial management is one of management’s traditionally functional areas, present in any organization and where analysis, decisions and performances, related to the financial means necessary to the organization, lie on. This way, the financial management incorporates all duties connected to obtaining, using and controlling financial assets in order to ensure the stability of the operations and the profitability of the resources that were applied.


Financial Management’s great action and decision goals can be narrowed down to:


  • Guarantee a balanced financial structure which does not risk the organization neither short nor long term. This balance can be measured by comparing the capital applications and its sources.


  • Ensure the profitability of the invested capitals (whether equity or debt capital). This profitability can be verified comparing the resulting values to the equity invested.


  • Assuring the stability of the organization’s operations, ensuring availability of the necessary financial capitals whether for daily operations, whether for fixed asset investments.

24|7 offers the following services related to Financial Management:


  • Treasury Management:
    • Evaluation of the need for financial resources (planning, inventory, prediction of freed assets and estimate of external financing needs)


  • Financial sources’ analysis: 
    • Obtaining financing (to fund daily expenses or investments) in the most advantageous way taking into consideration the goal of the financing, the costs, deadlines and other contractual obligations, tax requirements, the impact on the financial structure of the company, etc.
    • Insightful application of financial resources, including the treasury surplus, as a way to obtaining a balanced financial structure and adequate levels of efficiency and profitability. The main variables to consider when applying financial resources should be the potential payback of the application, degree of liquidity and the risk associated.
    • Economical and Financial analysis, including the harvest and research of intel in order to understand the Economical and Financial state of the company.
    • Economical and Financial Viability analysis of investments to support the decisions regarding its execution or withdrawal.


Beyond the activities described, the administrative activities (such as accounting, Clients’ current account management, suppliers, debtors and creditors, billing management, etc) may be considered as a fundamental part of the financial sector.

Professional Financial Management

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