Non Habitual Residents

An Exclusive Service

Due to the rising demand from our International Clients who want to establish themselves in Portugal and benefit from the Special Tax Regime for Non Habitual Resident, 24|7 has created an Exclusive Service.


At 24|7 each Foreign Client, wanting to invest and settle in Portugal has a Custom Client Service, in your native language and prepared for your specific needs.


At 24|7 you will find Accounting Services, specially designed for Non Habitual Residents.


As a differentiation element, 24|7 offers integrated Tax Advisory, Investor Support, Legal and Real Estate Counsel.


We know exactly what you need. We know your requirements and have assertive and effective answers.


Our experience makes us your ideal partner.


Learn How, we await you in Portugal.


Why become a Non Habitual Resident?


  • Climate, security, cultural patrimony, golf and ocean
  • Excellent timing for investment
  • Portugal and its Islands’ Strategic Location
  • No fortune tax
  • Stable Tax system
  • All obligations dematerializes in the tax admin web platform
  • No succession tax for direct family
  • No donation tax for direct family


24|7 can help you throughout the entire Non Habitual Resident process.


Each Client is a unique case, which is why it is essential to build a specific plan.


At 24|7 you will find professional and experienced staff that will help you in the complete understanding and fulfilment of all matters and formalities, whether in the first or subsequent years so that you may benefit from all the advantages this regime provides.


We handle all issues related to Accounting, Periodic and yearly tax declarations, burocratic procedures, tax planning; study and support to the investment (Real estate), etc…


At 24|7 you will find a unique partner who will provide you with a Service devoted to understanding of all RNH requirements and advantages. Among many other services (corporate, tax, real estate, etc.) we supply:


  • Custom Meeting – framing your case;
  • Structuring and assistance to decision and arrival;
  • Presential support in fulfilling accounting, legal and tax formalities;
  • Assistance in each step of settling in, application to the NHR regime and connected matters;
  • Assistance in filling in, future tax declaration submittal;
  • Legal Support at all times.

Work with us. Feel the security of an experienced and effective partner.
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